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Are you an Acupuncturist?

Or maybe a recent graduate looking at other acupuncturist’s sites to see how to build your own? Have you been in practice for a while and want to see what your colleagues are doing?

…If so then YAY, you!

You are already taking steps to enhance your practice so you can take care of people in a better way. Rachael Rose has had a successful acupuncture practice and has always loved to help other acupuncturists become successful.

It is an amazing time to be a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the USA as what we do has become more “mainstream”. The days of people rolling their eyes at acupuncture are long gone, thanks to the good work of our predecessors. There is no time like the present to take full advantage of the education you have to become financially fit. It is up to the next generation of acupuncturists to work together, help each other to do good work and take care of people so we become the first stop in the path to help instead of a last resort.

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