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What To Expect From Your First Visit

Your first time visit will be one hour to one hour 15 minutes. A thorough health history will be taken. Your pulses will be taken, tongue observed and abdomen palpated.

Your acupuncturist will initiate a treatment plan specific to your needs. This plan may include moxabustion, cupping and/or needles. Before any of these techniques are used your acupuncturist will explain each one to you.

Please make sure you are not hungry when you come to your acupuncture appointment and arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork unless you download, print and fill out the paperwork in advance (see below). 

You will need to download and read the Hippa Disclosure, but it is not necessary to print unless you want it for your records.  Please print and sign the 24 hour cancellation policy, the Disclosure and Intake form. We are happy to provide you these forms in the office to fill out as well.

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