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Cosmetic Acupuncture
Patients around the world are turning to Acupuncture for aging prevention and cosmetic repair rather than turning to painful and invasive surgeries, which cost more and involve more risks. Rachael Rose, LAc at Full Circle Wellness is the first to offer this service to the Northwest Denver Highlands community.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is using fine needles in specific points, the practitioner will work to reduce the signs of aging. This will increase the flow of energy, resulting in increased suppleness and firmness to the skin. Areas that can be targeted are face, breast and abdomen. Results last 3-5 years with quarterly maintenance visits each year.

Face Lift
Increased firmness and tightening of skin. Eyes appear to be more open. Fine lines disappear and deeper lines become less pronounced. Sagging jowls are raised and a healthy glow to skin occurs. Improvements in rosacea and acne have been observed.

Breast Lift
Surprisingly effective lift and enhancement for ladies size A to B cup. Diminished cleavage lines from sun damage can occur for the larger cup sizes.

Tummy Tuck
Great for lifting loose skin post-partum or after weight loss.





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