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Are you an Acupuncturist? Are you a recent graduate looking at other acupuncturist’s sites to see how to build your own or have you been in practice for a while and want to see what your colleagues are doing?…If so then YAY you! You are already taking steps to enhance your practice so you can take care of people in a better way. Rachael Rose has had a successful acupuncture practice and has always loved to help other acupuncturists become successful.

It is an amazing time to be a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the USA as what we do has become more “mainstream”. The days of people rolling their eyes at acupuncture are long gone, thanks to the good work of our predecessors. There is no time like the present to take full advantage of the education you have to become financially fit. It is up to the next generation of acupuncturists to work together, help each other to do good work and take care of people so we become the first stop in the path to help instead of a last resort. Read what other acupuncturists have said about Rachael’s consulting services:

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“Consulting with Rachel has been such an enormous help in guiding my practice where I want it to go. I  first utilized Rachel’s knowledge and expertise when i was making a huge and scary transition into my own practice.  After talking with Rachel  I was motivated and excited about my next steps. 
Her support and encouragement are both compassionate and to the point. She has helped boost my confidence making me a better practitioner and has given me a clear understanding of how to balance a practice so that both patient and practitioner are successful. I have been in my own space now for 9 months and am reaching all of my goals.  I will continue to seek her advice as I continue to grow!”
Tiffany Steinmetz Dip.OM, L.Ac, LMT
“I am fortunate to have had Rachael Rose as my mentor since my TCM grad school days.  Her influence on both my clinical skills and practice management has been profound, and now 7 years into practice, I still draw from her guidance daily.  As a new graduate, my energy was focused on patients and treatments, not the building of a business. 
And while my graduate program included a business management course, it was Rachael who taught me the ins and outs of running a successful practice.  She is methodical, direct, and efficient in everything from scheduling, to budgeting, creating systems within a practice, personal branding, and interacting with patients.  She taught me how to comfortably establish boundaries, and take the emotion out of the business side of my practice.  Rachael is a highly skilled acupuncturist, a saavy business woman, and a natural teacher.  I continue to learn from her and recommend her to any practitioner wanting to build a new practice, streamline an existing practice, or take an already thriving business to the next level.”
Anne D. Carruth, MS, LAc, Dipl OM

” Rachael Rose is a former classmate, colleague and friend. Most Acupuncturists attend school because of their desire to help people. After completing their studies, many are unprepared for the business side of running a successful practice.


Immediately following school, I observed Rachael embrace the business aspect and grow her practice. She’s knowledgable and enthusiastic about guiding other practitioners through their business struggles.


Over time, I have learned to become a business person and have come to enjoy the process. I approached Rachael when my practice was successful and thriving but I needed input on how to change it’s structure to suit my needs and still offer great benefit to my patients. She offered helpful insight and we brainstormed which enabled me to make the best choices professionally and personally.


Rachael has vast experience and information to share with practitioners at any level of their business. I recommend her services to experienced practitioners that would like to grow or enhance their business and help achieve balance between the personal and professional as well as new practitioners who may be unsure of where to begin.


We are fortunate to have Rachael’s enthusiasm and experience to strengthen our profession.”

Ann-Marie Yeager MSOM, L.Ac.

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